Membership is available to anyone interested in joining the Changing Room who has strong sporting links.

The annual membership is £180 and your monthly subscription is £50, (Totalling £780 annually) or an upfront payment of £730 for the year (SAVING £50).

Members meet monthly at various sports clubs in the region, which serves to support these clubs by hosting our events. These meetings consist of interactions with fellow members, guest speakers, and the exchange of ideas and strategies. We facilitate an environment that encourages connection and creation of opportunities, all in a relaxed and sociable manner.

Having fun is a key aspect of these events! To solidify connections and explore avenues for mutual growth, members are encouraged to meet up for one-to-one sessions throughout the month.

The goal is to ‘help’ each other by sharing contacts, referring work and creating a variety of opportunities.

Are you someone who is involved in both sport and business? Stay ahead of the game and apply to join The Changing Room today. Still unsure learn more about our benefits.

For inquiries, please email us at

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drew povey